Character Creation


What's in a Name?

Choose your first and last name, plus any appropriate prefix to your family name, (“von”, “di”, “o’”, etc.)


Motivation drives your story interactions.  Are you a ruthless monster, moving from one killing spree to the next?  Are you a sinister mastermind bent on ruling the night?  Are you a fallen angel, forced into vampirism against your will, and seeking redemption?

Gender Identity and who is attracted to you

Select your gender and orientation.  This determines which NPCs will be romantically interested in you during social interactions and quests.


Starting Trait

This determines your initial clothes and an initial statistical benefit to your character.


Spend your attribute points to determine your character’s basic aptitudes.



Determine your features and hair style, and also the fangs and monstrous visage that appears when you transform into your vampiric self.