Rule the Night


Controlling the Mortal World...

Vampires rule the night, but we shouldn’t discount their influence over the daytime.  As a player in Shadow’s Kiss, the topmost level of PvP comes from the Domination System: controlling various aspects of mortal society towards your own nefarious ends.


Domination includes secret societies, the media, city hall, organized crime, church organizations, and more.  Your advancement in any given organization requires you to do quests in-game to either bribe, seduce, or mind control your given human lackeys. 


You can use your influence to gain rare items, crafting components, and rare minions, and also to track, frustrate, and destroy the Domination of rival player vampires.  This can also be done at a guild level: with a group of friends, you can pool resources to defend your holdings or attack the holdings of others.  In fact, upper ranks of Domination can only be achieved by pooling resources.