The Western American United Arms Show


Formally known as The Western American United Arms Show Presented by Leishman Attractions, this guns-and-more exhibition and sales hall is held once a year at venues in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and California. On one weekend every August, it’s staged at the old Whistler Auditorium (a former convention hall for the Rancheros Fraternal Brotherhood, built in the 1920s) in the Promenade District of San Cipriano.

The Western American United Arms Show isn’t terribly remarkable, though it’s sometimes considered controversial. On its dealers’ tables one may find war memorabilia, antique and replica and modern firearms, a dazzling array of knives and swords, survivalist gear and literature, military surplus by the ton, and a great deal of quasi-legal kits and tip sheets for all manner of gear designed for law enforcement, self-defense and other, less clearly defined purposes. Waiting periods for purchases and other legalities are largely waived for shows like WAUAS. Naturally, the show is a well-loved event for Slayers and other factions within San Cipriano.


Less well known is its appeal to Asuras. The immortal, embodied war Spirits have plenty of sources for the weapons that seem destined to fill their hands, so their interest in WAUAS isn’t quite the same as that of the other factions. Instead, it is known to insiders that the Western American United Arms Show is a truce zone for Asuras: While on the grounds of the Show, from the second its doors open on the Friday of an event weekend until the last exhibitor is moved out on Sunday evening, no Asura will initiate aggression against another Asura, nor will they enter conflict with a being of any other supernatural faction unless they break the truce first.


No one but the Asuras knows if this is also true at the WAUAS events held outside San Cipriano, but it is understood to be perfectly inviolate by their faction. No one has ever faced violence initiated by Asuras at WAUAS, and no one has been foolish enough to attack them during and at the show itself. Traveling Asuras have been known to spend time at the show to carry out business peacefully and then leave the city, and friends of the Asuras are known to do the same on their behalf. If any faction is foolhardy enough to seek alliance with an Asura, the Western American United Arms Show is the perfect place to do it.