Rogue's Gallery

One of the primary concepts of Shadow’s Kiss is the Rogue’s Gallery, also known as the Cast of Characters.  These are the NPCs that make up your allies and enemies, patrons, mentors, thralls, and various story characters that are significant to your vampire’s progression and the quests you pursue.





Adversaries are enemies you make along the way: a resilient hunter, a rival vampire, or even one of your thralls gone bad.

Adversaries fall into the “red shirt” part of the Rogue’s Gallery, indicating that they can be slain in a quest.  And while these enemies are indeed vulnerable, they have no desire to be destroyed.  They will attempt to escape when the going gets tough, and return later, stronger and better.

Logan wide01.jpg


As you progress through Shadow’s Kiss, you will make various allies who will give you quests, assist you, or open up the ability to train or harvest resources.  Allies, such as King Logan, appear in your Cast of Characters and only come or go based on the progression of story.


Thralls, including Enforcers, Spies, and Blood Dolls, are people who serve you directly, possibly vampires you’ve created, mortals you’ve seduced, or gang members you’ve bribed to do your bidding (to name a very few categories).  Some quests require a certain number of thralls to complete, and like Adversaries, they fall in the “red shirt” category: they can be slain.



Contacts are a special category of Thrall that you gain by progressing through the Domination System.  A given Contact represents your control over some aspect of the mortal world, such as a mind-controlled Police Officer, Mafia Enforcer, or City Clerk.

Contacts can be slain by other players who are attacking your Domination Ranks.