A surprising number of supernatural factions—such as the sorcerous Loa Masters and the lunatic pseudo-scientists calling themselves the Necromancers—include creating various forms of the walking dead as part of their repertoire. These Zombies have a fairly broad range of types and abilities, and are among the most common menaces to be found in, around and underneath San Cipriano. One of the worst classes of Zombie to encounter, if it isn’t your Pet, is the Abomination.

Abominations are specialized creatures that are strong, durable and stupid (being stupid puts them a big step above a mindless ordinary Zombie), and they’re not known for speed or coordination. They cannot feel pain and do not know fear. Their warped, outsized hands are ideal for both carrying bulky items and for strangling victims. They’re often seen as misanthropic, but really, Abominations detest everything in a leaden, downbeat kind of way.

There is an object lesson to be found in the existence and nature of the Abomination: It is created to serve through hard labor and deadly combat, and is valued for nothing else, and so the Abomination resents its creation and its service. Very few things feel otherwise, when they are given no other purpose in existence than hard and ugly tasks. Most Vampires think nothing of using others for their own purposes, but the massive physical power and simmering dislike of the Abomination Pet does make some Vampires wonder if kindness might occasionally be better than force.

Abominations do not sleep or rest, eat or drink or eliminate waste, never age or grow sick, never complain and never refuse a command given to them by their keepers. They have the same sort of bizarre senses that every undead creature has: They see despite their eyes being dead, and function though their brainwave is a permanent flatline. For all this, though, they still can be blinded by bright lights or absolute darkness, for example, proving that the supernatural has a dream logic that defies reason in many ways.

A Vampire is most likely to become the keeper of an Abomination as their Pet by making a deal with either the Loa Masters or the Necromancers.

The Necromancers are deranged and horrible, though most of them are still human in most ways. They use a dark perversion of science to manipulate life and death, and as a faction, the Necromancers have even larger plans for the world in general. None of this stands in the way of doing business, of course. A Vampire can sometimes trade goods or services to Necromancers in exchange for goods or services, and one possible item a Vampire can gain is an Abomination as a Pet.

Similarly, the Loa Masters are truly despicably evil magicians—marauders of the supernatural world with an apocalyptic vision they wish to inflict on everyone. They have nothing to do with legitimate Voudoun, and nearly everybody dislikes them for their arrogance, cruelty and duplicity. Despite this, they can sometimes be bargained with, and one thing they can trade with a Vampire is an Abomination as a Pet.