The Loupgarou

The Loupgarou

Werewolf Pet

The darkened streets of San Cipriano are haunted by all manner of supernatural predators. As deadly as the Vampire may be, there are also numerous Werewolves seeking to rip living flesh from steaming bones. Though most Werewolves are independent creatures, some of them are aligned with the Shapeshifters of the Lunar Covenant. Many of these monsters are more civilized and pliable than the independent Werewolves.

The Lunar Covenant itself is mostly dominated by feline Shapeshifters: Werejaguars and so forth. Their Werewolf brethren are largely independent, running in packs or as lone wolves, and take only a passing interest in the affairs of the Lunar Covenant. The Covenant is surprisingly laissez-faire about the fates of most Werewolves. Vampires and others get into street fights with Werewolves all the time, and if the Werewolves come out worse for it, the Covenant shrugs with the cool indifference of a violent predator.

They even have few objections to Vampires keeping some Werewolves as Pets. This may be because of the slender ties between the Covenant proper and the Werewolves, and it may also be because a few senior members of the Lunar Covenant are known to keep Vampires as their own pets.

(Note: In San Cipriano there is a working class neighborhood in the northern outskirts of Downtown, at the base of Cypress Hills, which has been staked out as the territory of a truly gigantic colony of Werewolves who are not aligned with the Lunar Covenant. They are hostile to most outsiders and are known to viciously attack Vampires who come there with Pet Werewolves.)

Vampires who keep Werewolves as Pets soon discover that the creatures never bother to resume human form after they enter the service of the undead, but remain feral, hulking monsters all the time. They seem stronger on nights of the full moon, but they are never weak in any event. The legendary weakness of Werewolves—silver—is indeed a reality, and they can be harmed by other means (explosives, etc.) even though they seem nearly impossible to actually kill.

Werewolves are nocturnal, like Vampires, and can sleep near their Vampire owner as an animal pet might sleep near their human owner. They have normal bodily functions, albeit rather grotesque ones: Werewolves do not care to use toilets to eliminate bodily wastes, and their preferred diet is the flesh of living creatures. Only the rarest and most desperate Werewolf will eat anything undead, though they don’t mind ripping undead creatures to shreds with their teeth. One average-sized adult human (male or female) every few to several days is a minimum diet for a single Werewolf, though they will also snack on random animals and prepared meats between these meals. Werewolves derive most of their water from the blood and juices of their prey, and only lap up a little water (preferably fresh) now and then.

One bizarre note is that while no Vampire that keeps a Pet Werewolf has ever seen one of them transmit their curse to a survivor, some (non-Pet) Werewolves are known to have weird side effects from their bites. These range from a bite that sets opponents on fire to infectious saliva that can even harm Vampires. But again, the Werewolves that Vampires keep as Pets do not seem to do anything with their bites except rend, mutilate and kill their targets.