The Shadow’s Kiss development team is a small and focused group of creatives with decades of combined experience in online role playing games, world building and entertainment. This core team will be handling all of the early feature and asset work needed to create a playable product, though we have access to additional top tier talent that we will bring in as the product evolves and crowd-funding audience grows.


Founder, Lead Design, Engineering and Technology

Thomas Sitch is the founding vision behind the game, a longtime fan of vampires in fiction and in games, and once a storyteller in the Camarilla vampire society. He’s an MMO programmer and designer with more than 20 years experience.



Brand and User Experience

Billy Garretsen is the Brand and User Experience power behind Shadow’s Kiss: he’s a skilled producer, art director, graphic artist, and UI craftsman. Garretsen has shipped successful video games on every platform and has over 100 game credits to date. He loves good electronic music and buys a lot of table top miniatures but still doesn’t know how to play :/ See more of Billy Garretsen’s artwork on ArtStation.


MaryBeth Lauro

Publicity, Promotions and Community Manager

MaryBeth Lauro is a cross-discipline Jack of all trades, with a love for video games and cosplay. She has contributed to titles such as Nexuiz by Illfonic studios and has worked for other industry companies such as The D20 Girls Project. She has participated competitively in video games such as Counter Strike: Source and DOTA, and overall loves anything fantasy or sci-fi.

Richard Becker

Story, Lore, Quests

Richard A. Becker is a professional writer with broad-ranging experience in fiction and non-fiction, across multiple print, digital, visual and interactive media. He has also been a gaming storyteller, with particular interest in vampires and other monsters, for many years.


Rebecca Triplett

3D Modelling, UI Art

ebecca Triplett is a 2D and 3D illustrator, assisting with UI and environmental artwork for Shadow’s Kiss. When not creating adorably fantastical creatures and environments, she splits her time between video games, board games, and tabletop RPGs. She enjoys pretending that she, too, is a creature of the night- but actually just has trouble falling asleep. See more of Rebecca’s artwork at

Monique Blaize is an incredibly versatile game developer, being a generalist game designer (for both 2D and 3D design) who also freelances as a comic artist.  She’s also talented in indie game production and marketing.  She loves reading manga and anything related to anime.





3D Art & Modeling