The Soul Eater


The Adepts can call forth many strange spirits into the earthly plane with their magicks—one of them is the demonic imp known as the Soul Eater. In exchange for some valued service, an Adept has summoned a Soul Eater and bound it to obey you. A loyal and simplistic spirit, the Soul Eater can attack your enemies by hurling orbs of seething fire at them.

The Soul Eater is an embodied spirit, with a material body that obeys many (but far from all) of the physical laws of the earthly plane of the universe. It does not sleep, does not breathe, never gets ill or old, and the only sustenance it craves is to ethereally and invisibly visit living things to gnaw at their souls. A single soul can last a Soul Eater for years or decades, as the fiends take their time to slowly dissolve the precious essence of a conscious sentient being into a liquid spiritual muck that they can gulp down into their fiery guts.

Soul Eaters are fierce combatants and have an instinctive love and aptitude for fighting. What they lack in finesse they make up for with cunning, speed and agility. Only a spirit of truly enormous power could ever frighten them off the battlefield; Soul Eaters can lose their physical body over and over again while still re-spawning from the dark embers of their spiritual core.

Soul Eaters obey their Vampire keeper very well, but they are also easily bored. They need to be given simple, repetitive tasks, such as counting the threads in a Persian carpet over and over again. Without something to occupy their time when they’re not killing someone or setting things on fire, Soul Eaters become bored and irritable, which can make them unreliable.

Like most spirits, Soul Eaters can be “locked out” of locations by wards and protective spells, or even banished from the earthly plane altogether. If the latter happens, it’s time to get another Soul Eater, because the one you had is no longer bound to you.