Vampire Evolution


Choose your Path

As a player progresses, she gets to determine what sort of vampire she becomes.  By undergoing certain rituals, the vampire may become the elder tainted Tenebrous Vampire, the reborn Amaranthine, the demonic Lilin, the gaunt and skeletal Verdilak, or attain status as a Noble Vampire.

Each path brings different powers, advantages, and weaknesses.


A character begins as a Vampire Initiate (Lesser Vampire) by receiving the Shadows’ Kiss.

They advance into the Greater Darkness to become a Vampire (True Vampire) by giving the Shadows’ Kiss.

Then they must choose their Destiny Within The Shadows:

The first Destiny is to call upon the Masters of the Extrinsic Worlds with the abominable Rite of the Infinite Abyss—if they are chosen by those forbidden gods, they can transform themselves into Tenebrous Vampires. (Some call them “Shadowfiends.”)


The second Destiny is to summon the powers that once lived in the nights of ancient Egypt, using the art of Al-Kheme and the whispered names of lost spirits in the Rite of Anubis—if they are favored by the Prince of Death and not shunned by Set and Apophis, they may infuse themselves with a measure of life and undeath alike, to become one of the Amaranthine. (Some call them “the Undying.”)


The third Destiny is to seek the spiritual eclipse and to revel in the night with the Dark Goddess Herself, enacting the dreaded Rite of the Dark Moon Circle—in so doing, they may become one of the Elect Vampires, a true Lord or Lady of the endless night. (Some call them “Noble Vampires.”)


The fourth Destiny is to become one with the decadence and cruelty that lies within all thinking beings, and to master the infernal Nethersoul that is the closest spiritual realm to the undead. By finding the joy in this horror through the Feast of the Passions, they may attain a Demon-like quality and become one of the Lilin. (Some call them by other names—a male would be referred to as an Incubus, a female as a Succubus.)


The fifth and final Destiny is to permit one’s consciousness to take root in the World of the Dead, and to meditate on the void and upon decay. Through this descent into spiritual rot and its accompanying harmony with the last stirrings of souls long lost, known as the Rite of Invidious Resonance, the vampire may become a Child of Orpheus—one who may call down and lure the dead back into the world, manifesting and shambling once more in a mockery of life. (Some call them “Verdilak.”)


Each Destiny is marked by its Initiation Rite, and no Vampire can escape choosing a single Destiny for their undeath. Each Rite may be undertaken alone, but there is strength and security in numbers—if one or more Vampires of your chosen Destiny attend your Rite and intercede on your behalf, there is less risk. (No Rite of Destiny is without risk to the Vampire.)