In October of 2017, Clockwork Throne Studios sent an elite team of game developers to research the real Vampires of San Cipriano. We hoped that by making contact with the Undead, we could better research the source material for the Shadow’s Kiss Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game.


Despite concerns expressed by next of kin and inquiries from law enforcement agencies, we’re posting our team’s footage here for your consideration.


Episode 1: Interruption with the Vampire

After a hot tip on Vampire activity at the Nightfall Club, our intrepid developers encounter some very likely suspects.


Teaser 1

We learn about Tre’s encounter with the Vampire Kitty.  What did she mean, “really got into the blood orgy?”


Teaser 2

We get a peak inside the secret vampire club, where our heroes are enthralled and beguiled by the Vampire Siren.




After meeting King Logan, the Clockwork Throne team is able to gain admittance to a private vampire club to study vampire feeding for Shadow’s Kiss.  Things go a bit off the rails when Tre becomes too popular with the vampires of the court.  WARNING:  Blood and sexy vampires!

Episode 3: Underworld Figures

Our crew meets up with a weird creature on the outskirts of a cemetery, inviting the wrath of King Logan -- and a lot of unanswered questions...

Episode 4: Vampire: the Endangering

In the exciting finale to RESEARCHING SHADOW'S KISS, the crew is finally off to witness Vampire combat--but Tre is looking a little ill, and things may be more dangerous than they look. And what's the deal with Vampires and running water, anyway...?