A lovely upscale Japanese restaurant in the Promenade district of San Cipriano, Inari is well known for traditional and fusion cuisine and a superb selection of sakes. It is also a “neutral ground” for Shapeshifters and polite supernatural beings of other kinds who know how to behave themselves, as it is owned by a partnership of two women: Sinopa Perez, known in otherworldly circles as Fox Women… but nobody knows exactly which kind of Fox Women, among the multiple sorts that exist.


Sinopa and Celia are clearly friends, and always present a unified front against any outsiders who want to intimidate and threaten them. (Prosperity and pleasant notoriety tend to attract exploitation in San Cipriano.) Both smart, attractive, creative, artistic people who seem to have no greater ambition than to enjoy their time in the world and occasionally acquire a beautiful artifact for their shared collection or to have a little fun now and then.


There are rumors that Sinopa and Celia are actually the priestesses of a Fox Cult, while others claim that they are the descendants of a Japanese Fox Goddess who have the legendary Nine Tails—but one has five and the other four tails, and which is which, nobody knows.

Visitors to Inari love the atmosphere, which fuses traditional décor and modern independent music along with top-quality ingredients in the cuisine on offer. It’s open for late lunch and for even later dinner hours, and the post-club crowd is very eclectic and hip. Sinopa and Celia are both usually there for the last few hours of daily operation, overseeing the hospitality and mixing with the guests. They have a way of making an appearance whenever a particularly notable supernatural creature visits their restaurant, as well. It’s said that attempts at violence or disruption at Inari are quickly and quietly taken “elsewhere,” but details of how this occurs are hazy.